Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Beauty Everywhere!

I stated in my previous post that I wanted to focus on beauty throughout November and heading to Colorado this weekend was the perfect way to find true beauty.

My daughter and I went up to the Rocky Mountain National Forest to do some hiking.  We packed water and some snacks and off we went.  Sometimes I think I overestimate my abilities because I had no fears and it truly didn't dawn on me that I would be hiking in a Mountain as in (a) the air is thinner in the higher elevations, (b) at some time I would be hiking UP the mountain.   Hiking up the mountain was a LOT harder than I anticipated! We started out going down 3.6 miles and then stopped for some snacks.  Then it was time to hike back UP 3.6 miles.  I had to stop several times just to get my breath.  But I made it and I'm really happy that we did it together.  The scenery was too beautiful for words and even the pictures I snapped on my IPhone can't convey how breathtaking the scenery was. 

We stopped at the Red Rocks

A pic of the snow covered mountain

Part of our hike

My daughter taking pictures near a little lake

A herd of Elk

I asked for more beauty in my life and got a boatload this past weekend.  The chance encounter with the herd of the beautiful Elk was the tip of the iceberg!

It will be a while before I'll be able to top this one!