Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Decorating Begins

Last year I fell in love with the ice skate door décor I saw on line.  I fell in love with it AFTER the Christmas season but I knew I wanted it for my door this year. 

Earlier this year my daughter and I were in an antique store in LaGrange, IL and we found a pair of ice skates for $11.  I was pretty excited because they were small and the price wasn't too bad. They laid around my bedroom closet all year until a few weeks ago when I ran out and bought some greenery and a couple sparkly picks at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  I glittered the skates and added a fresh green swag behind it.  I love it and probably spend over all less than $20 to make my door decoration. forward to a couple of weekends ago and the thrift stores are filled with ice skates priced around $3 to $5.  So, I over paid a little for those old skates but I'm ok with it because I do love the way they turned out. 

I recently picked up a little dollar store village house.  They're so poorly painted you just have to change them up.  Yes, they are only a dollar and I don't expect good quality.  It brings to light the fact that someone in another country is sitting in some factory or some warehouse and is just slapping paint on a bunch of little houses for pennies on the dollar all day, every day so we can buy it for $1.  Makes me much more thankful for my own job in a warm comfy office with a stocked coffee room, right!?  Phew, how did I get that deep over a little Christmas Village house?! 
Anyway, I picked up the little house, painted it white and glittered it with some pink glitter.  It came out cute and I paired it with a couple of little white bottle brush trees. 
I also purchased a white Nativity set from Ebay last year with the full intention of glittering it up.  I wanted a white Nativity set. I glittered it only lightly because I wanted it to look magical but not glitzy.  I do think it needs a cloche to cover it so I'll be on the look out for one at the after Christmas sales or when I have a really good discount coupon available. 

The completed white area of the living room.  I added a couple of decorated hurricanes for height.  I've got some additional ideas for next year for my glittery white area. 
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  1. Hi Debbie! Thanks so much for stopping by! it looks like we are neighbors! I think you got a deal on those skates even though they were cheaper at the thrift stores. They are expensive brand new and then people don't know what to do with them. I love your nativity set and a cloche over it would be beautiful!

    It's so nice to have found your blog, I'm a follower now!! :)