Monday, March 20, 2017

Almost Finished.

We're so close to being finished with the house.  I think now I'm starting to go overboard but sometimes those little touches just finish it off. 

Saylor Street Cottage is an older cape cod style home so nothing is perfect but I've tried to give her some charm.  Recently I decided to paint this ugly cabinet we have in the kitchen.  I tried to take it down but it's glued to the cabinets above the refrigerator.  I bought a can of ASCP Old White about 2 years ago and decided to try it on the cabinet.  It looks nice but started to chip.  Now I have to go get some shellac to try to get it to stop chipping.  A job I didn't need to do. 

We just had a new carpet put in our bedroom and need a plumber to fix a stripped faucet in the bathroom.  All these little extras add up but have to be done.

I just can't wait to get her on the market.  Deadline is 3/31/17!  It's coming fast.

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