Friday, November 6, 2015

Heading To Denver

My daughter booked a flight to Denver a few months ago because she was planning on meeting up with a bunch of old work colleagues to celebrate one of the group’s new store opening.  Unfortunately my daughter was the only one who actually took it seriously enough to book the flight only to find out that the grand opening of the friends store has been postponed, a couple of other’s flaked out because they couldn’t get the time off and one is just MIA.  They all work in retail except for my daughter so her schedule is the only one that is fairly consistent.

She has another friend she planned to meet up with during her visit but she didn’t want to impose over an entire weekend.  When she told me she wanted to do some hiking my motherly instinct got all churned up and I worried she would be abducted out on the trails all by herself.  She’s 24 years old and travels quite a bit for work and I know that she can handle herself but we live in such a scary world that I couldn’t let her be alone.  So I’m going to fly out on Saturday and meet her there.

I’ve never been to Denver, I’m not much of a traveler mainly because I’ve always found other things to do with the money, like survive, but I’m not getting any younger and I want to experience some fun things along the last leg of life’s journey, (hoping it’s going to be a long last leg)!

I’m looking forward to this quick weekend trip.  The Denver film festival is this weekend, there’s an art festival and of course hiking.  We bought some clothes for hiking last night although we didn’t get the Bear Pepper Spray as my son suggested.  We will scope out the locals and see if that is necessary along with the mountain lion issue he brought up.  I think he’s just trying to scare us but I did find the information below on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife center. 

 I’m not sure I want to run into a bear this weekend.  Unless it is a Chicago Bear winning a game for a change, but then I wouldn’t run into one of them in Denver this weekend since they’re playing the Chargers on Monday….but I digress!

Wish me luck!  The last part says tell an Adult.  I am an adult so who am I going to tell!  

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