Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Key Lime Cookies

I picked up some key lime juice recently in a local supermarket to make a homemade key lime pie.  It was wonderful and very simple.  I have a bunch left over and decided to try and bake some key lime cookies. 
I found a recipe on line to try on the Mr. Food website and thought I'd give it a try.  I was suprised because Art Ginsburg, commonly known as Mr. Food recently passed away.  I can remember watching his segments on channel 7 news.  He was a food network star before we even had a food network channel. 

I had to improvise just a bit.  The recipe called out for fresh key lime juice so I substituted my store bought concentrated stuff.  It also called out for key lime zest, but I eliminated that since I didn't have any key limes in the house. 

The cookies came out moist but crispy on the edges and have a wonderful tangy lime flavor.  I got about 3 dozen so I'll have to make another batch.  I'm going to make a key lime frosting or glaze for the next batch and pretty them up a bit with sprinkles of lime zest. 

These cookies are very good and I highly recommend them.  The recipe can be found on the link above but you can also find it here

Happy Baking!

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