Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chocolate Brownie Bites and Thumpbrints

Over the weekend I made a couple batches of cookies to stay on track with my daily cookie bake. I made a batch of Thumbprint cookies with Raspberry and Apricot filled centers.  I had to make an extra batch of the cookies because the family keeps eating them all.  I also made some Pecan Snowballs which I almost forgot I made!  I've made so many different types of cookies I am begging to forget what I already made!

I love the different flavors of each type of cookie.  What I've found is that most of them start out with pretty much the same basic ingrediets.  One thing for sure is that in most of the cookie recipes I've tried they all seem to start out with the butter and sugar creamed together.   Thank God for my stand up mixer.

I've created a conflict in my daily cookie baking endevour.  I have learned to crochet.  I just finished my first scarf.  I was going to try to make it as a gift, and I may still give it away, but I will say I have some practicing to do.  I crocheted an infinity scarf for my sister.  It has some flaws but that's what makes it look handmade.   I love handmade gifts.  I especially love the ones you can wear and can eat.  A homemade scarf and some homemade cookies sounds just about right.

Happy Baking!

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