Monday, December 3, 2012

Cookie Baking Back-up

I'm backed up on my cookie baking blog!  So far I've got Gingerbread cookies, buckeyes, raspberry thumbprints and decorated sugar cookies.   My daughter and I baked over the weekend and had a lot of fun decorating our gingerbread cookies.  It's amazing the conversations you can get into while decorating.  One of our topics was what it must feel like in Heaven.  Pretty deep convo for a day of cookie decorating.   We decided that no matter where we are later in life and she is married and in her own home, we want to make sure we get together to bake cookies.

Cookie baking came to a stall when my dear son the duck hunter came home with his catch and wanted to cook them immediately.  Rather than fight with him in the kitchen and deal with his mess, my daughter just waited patiently while he cooked up the duck and ate it for dinner.  He pan fried the breasts with some olive oil and butter.  They were pretty good and sort of tasted like steak.  He has only begun hunting so we're not very good at cooking or roasting them.  I tend to over cook them.  The pan fried method seemed to produce a much more tender and juicier meat. 

But back to baking.  We baked our gingerbread cookies and some sugar cookies.  I didn't like the sugar cookie recipe too much.  The cookies were too crispy to me.  My daughter liked them and wanted them to be crispy.  We didn't decorate them right away.  They just went right into the freezer.  Unfortunately, that's just a little too close for comfort and the family has been eating them all.  I think we'll have to bake up another batch.  Tonight I used the leftover royal icing to decorate them.  I think I need a little help because they're a littly "jenky" as my daughter would say.  I'm not sure what recipe she pulled up from the internet but I won't post it becuase I didn't like them. 

Lastly, I made my favorite cookie, a cookie I make every year.  Raspberry Almond Thumpbrint Cookies.  The recipe can be found on the Land O'Lakes website here.  I use canned raspberry pie filling.  I used some leftover royal icing to glaze the tops on this batch.  My next batch will be Apricot.

 Peanut Butter Buckeyes.  So good.

 A yearly must have cookie. 

 The Reindeer are my favorite.

 These are not my best work but I do like the snowflakes.

Happy Baking!

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