Thursday, December 6, 2012

Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

Tonight I made a double batch of my favorite butter cookie from Land O'Lakes but decided to fill them with chocolate instead of a fruit.  Since I was using chocolate as a filling I eliminated the almond extract because I wasn't sure I'd like that combination.  The cookie is very buttery and combines well with the chocolate centers.  I found a recipe for a chocolate thumbprint cookie on The Brown Eyed Baker blog.  While I didn't use the cookie recipe I did use the chocolate filling recipe.  My filling came out a little runny but it was still very good and not too sweet.  I still plan to make another batch of thumbprints with fruit filling in them.  I love this cookie because it's just so versatile and can be filled with any filling.  My favorite is apricot so that's going to be the next batch.  I doubled this evenings batch becuase I was planning on splitting it in two with half chocolate filled and the other half apricot. 

I think I love baking cookies because it's almost instant gratification.  With a few ingredients you can create a beautiful, tasty creation in a couple of hours. 

Happy Baking!

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