Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A New Direction for Saylor Street Cottage

I’ve been MIA for quite some time.  My blog is going to take on some new directions.  I started this blog around Christmas 2012 to post all of my fun cookie recipes.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and stopped blogging when I stopped baking my cookies. 

Lately I’ve started focusing on losing weight.  A lot of weight.  To the tone of about 80  to 100 lbs.    

I turned 50 this year and realized I just can’t carry all of this weight around with me.  Most of my father’s family died of heart attacks and strokes.  They were obese and they were heavy smokers and drinkers.  Thankfully I do not smoke and do not drink obsessively but alas the obesity family trait carried through to me.  I know most doctors say weight is not genetic but I can say that my body traits are very similar to some of my aunts on my father’s side.  Maybe obesity isn’t genetic but body composition must carry through in some way.  Either way I’m too fat for Fifty and it’s time to dump this weight.

I’ve lost weight plenty of times in my life but I just have a hard time keeping it off.  One reason may be linked to my love of cooking and baking.  I think it’s clear from earlier posts that I absolutely love to bake.  Unfortunately, my love of baking is not healthy to myself or my family.  I’ve scaled back on baking.  I plan to only bake for special occasions and send the leftovers home with my guests.   Consequently my posts on baking will be less but not completely gone.   I’ll be looking for some lower calorie, lower fat and healthy baking or dessert recipes to try.   

I bake when I get bored.  I love the instant gratification of a tray of cupcakes turning into a try of colorful goodies.  I love finding a bunch of ingredients in the kitchen and bringing it together to make something wonderful.  Like brown bananas into banana bread or a bunch of lemons into lemon bars.  From 0 to 60 minutes I can have a tasty creation that gives me a sense of accomplishment.

It’s time to re-focus.  I have to find that same passion in other activities that will give me the same sense of satisfaction.

Lately I’ve started running.  It’s tough but I do love it. I’ve also started doing some small home projects. 

Life in the Saylor Street Cottage has changed and will continue to change.  I think it will be a fun change and my blog will evolve with my new interests.



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