Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gardening at Saylor Street

I've decided to start paying more attention to gardening this year.  I tend to be an absent gardener. I throw a few plants in the ground and let nature take it's course.  Sometimes that means that the plants never show back up again because they need the special attention I just don't give them.  A great looking garden take time and attention.  I've always admired the lovely gardens in the yards of some of the homes in the area.  I know it takes time and I've come to realize that if I want my garden to look that good I'll have to kick it up and make my garden one of my hobbies.

Why all of a sudden the interest in gardening Deb?

I just turned 50 and now that my two children are older and no longer under my feet (although I will admit they still require a great deal of attention) I can now begin focusing on some of the things I've always been interested in doing but never had the time.  I've had some little gardens along the way and they have been lovely so I know I can accomplish them again in the Saylor Street cottage.  I'm still busy but my weekends are no longer filled with football games, Irish dancing shows, track meets and all the other events that pull parents in every other direction. 

So, time to go and get out in the garden and start planning.  I don't have an abundance of money so my garden is going to evolve this year under a very strict budget.  Let's see what happens!

Yes, this is a weed but it's also the flower of Scotland the land of my birth which is why I always find it hard to dig up in the garden! 

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