Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer's not gone yet.

We've had extremely mild weather here in Chicagoland and this week we finally got some HOT days and what do you think happened at the Saylor Street Cottage?  A bit of Murphy's Law happened because our air conditioner went out.  It was a hot hot night to sleep and I kept thinking about those who do not have air.  As I started the pity party in my head I thought about people in Haiti who sleep in even hotter weather in makeshift tents.  Luckily it was just a bad wire and we're back in business.  As a matter of fact it's almost too cold in here so I think I'll turn down the air.

As we wind down the summer weekends we've got some fun plans ahead.  We're heading to the demolition derby.  I haven't been to one in several years and now that my kids are grown I think it will be fun to all hang out together.

Last weekend Mr. Saylor and I went to the drive in with Colonel Buzzkill, his friend and his girlfriend.  It was a fun time and another place I haven't been to in ages. 

Some projects I have planned for this weekend will be:

finish painting my small side table (on Friday night while watching the Bears game)
get the backyard and patio cleaned up
pull out some of the weeds and turn the dirt along my back fence
bake some zuchinni bread
peach cobbler
drop off donations to goodwill (and take a quick peak inside for some "finds")

Have a great weekend.

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