Thursday, August 8, 2013

I follow a page on FB from a bakery in Edinburgh, Scotland called Mimi's Bakehouse.  One of the things I like about FB is that you can follow pages from people and places all over the world.  I was born in Edinburgh so it's fun to see posts of the people and places there.  One thing for sure is that when I do go back to Edinburgh I'm stopping in at Mimi's, it looks so pretty and the cupcakes look amazing.  Check it out here

Yesterday I saw a post for some Cookies and Cream cupcakes.  I had to make them!  So, I made a vanilla cake and put some crushed chocolate wafer cookies.  I didn't use real Oreos I bought mine at Aldi.  One because Aldi is a quick stop on the way home from work and TWO because they're less expensive.  Saylor Street Cottage is on a budget after all. 

I made an easy cream cheese frosting and they taste great!  I'm bringing them to work for a birthday celebration and because it's better to share the calories!

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