Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 Un-Word

I'm linking up with The Nester for the 2014 Un-Word.  The challenge is to pick a word to describe what you would like to un-do in 2014. 
My 2014 un-word is Dumpy.  I want to become un-dumpy.  I've gained a lot of weight over the last few years and I have noticed that with each pound I've gained I've become less and less concerned with the way I dress.  I'm wearing the same old tired clothes because I just don't want to go through the stress of trying on new clothes and hating the way I look in them.  I keep saying I will wait until I lose a few pounds but honestly I will need to lose a LOT of pounds before I feel satisfied with the way I look.
So, for 2014 I have decided that no matter what weight I am I will start to work on:
Losing weight and toning up.
Purchasing some new clothes that will make me look more pulled together and less dumpy.
Get a new hair style.
Spend more time on making myself look and feel more attractive.
Here is a picture of me at Easter 2013.  I haven't changed much since then, I'm still wearing the same clothes including that dumpy looking jacket!  I can't believe how dumpy I look! What a mess my hair was and still looks today.  I'm not hating on myself but I definitely need to start doing some un-dumpifying. 
This challenge couldn't have come at a better time.  I'm really looking forward to my journey in 2014 to become Un-Dumpy!


  1. UnDumpy could have been my word as well. I am in the same place. I need to lose a lot, and have started the effort to change my eating habits, drink more water, and get back to exercising. Lets do it together and keep in touch and share our success. Yes, we are going to have success. Blessings to you! Jackie

    1. Hi Jackie! Yes, lets keep in touch and keep each other on track! Blessings to you as well! I can't wait to get down at least two sizes so that I can update my wardrobe a little. Going to try accomplish this before Spring!