Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Valentine Crafts and a naughty cat!


 I finally finished my Valentines Day vignette with some of the crafts I started.  Since I don't have a mantle this shelf will serve the purpose.  I put together the heart garland with fabric and fabric glue, no sew crafts are some of my favorites. 

I found an old tarnished tea pot that looks pretty with the pink roses I had in another room.  I can't seem to get this old teapot back to a shine but it does look nice with the roses. 

I also picked up some pink and white tulips to bring a little Spring into our world.  With the weather as it has been it almost feels like it will never warm up. I have a little collection of cherubs.  I don't know when I started collecting them. I just seem to pick up little cherub things here and there.  I think they are perfect for Valentines day.  This is another area that serves as a faux mantle.
I was looking at my little pot of tulips this morning and noticed something peculiar.  They seemed a little ragged.  So I moved in closer.  Yep, something looked fishy here.  It looked as if something chewed them.  Did these things have bugs? 
 These leaves look a little torn up. 
But I just couldn't stay mad at this little face.
The weather has been terrible just about everywhere these days.  This is the part of winter I start to loathe.  The snow is piled high and we have more on the way.  It starts to get grey and dirty along the roadside.  We're living in a black and white world.  The sun shines but it's a dull cold shine like it's reflecting through a pane of glass.  I am longing for the first signs of spring, some crocus popping through the snow, the sun shining a little earlier in the morning, the hyacinths and daffodils.  I know we will see it soon but for now we will just have to live with it.  Even the dog doesn't want to spend too much time outside.
Stay warm my friends, stay warm!

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  1. I love the pink and white together! My kitties mess with the flowers sometimes, too.