Monday, January 20, 2014

Valentine Crafts to get me back on the blogging track!

I did so many projects for Christmas and never took pictures of any of them.  I had to do a quick decorating in my basement/family room as I decided to host Christmas for the family.  We ran out to Home Depot and bought a cute $17 tree that looked great in the corner of the room, decorated it with some dollar store reindeer, some rusty colored stars and bells and some 70% off glass balls from Micheal's!  It paid off to wait until a week before Christmas to do a little decorating.  Right after the holidays we took out the tree because I did not want to worry about the needles all over the basement and the stairs. 

So Christmas has come and gone and I took the opportunity to do some painting after the holiday decorations came down.  I suppose the upside to having a tiny kitchen is that it only took my daughter and I a day and a half to primer and paint including the ceiling.  I also painted the living room which wasn't as easy because there really was no where to move the furniture so we just covered it up and painted.  I wanted a cream color so I picked out a color called Tudor Cream.  It is a little more peachy than I expected but it seems to work well with my furniture.  I don't love it but I can like it enough until the next paint change.

I usually don't decorate for Valentines Day but I decided to use some leftover wood blocks my husband cut for me from some scrap wood at Halloween to make a VD project.  I can't wait to build a little vignette with them. 

I found this frame at the Goodwill and picked up the rose paper and painted the letters silver.  The velvet bow was leftover from a Christmas gift.  I modge podged the little round vase last year and made these little clay hearts for Christmas gifts too.  I had a few leftover and this one looks great tied around the little vase turned candle holder which may go back to a vase with some red roses.
Lastly, I always love seeing the wild sunflowers that grow along the highway.  I so want to grow them in my own garden because they seem to be pretty hardy.  I was online today ordering some seeds for the garden looking for wild sunflower seeds.  I picked up some more Cosmos and a couple of other varieties.  Last year I grew the most amazing Cosmos in the garden.  The stalks had to be almost 5 feet high.  So I ordered a few more.  I realized though that I had already bought some seeds so when I got home I dug them out of a drawer.  I didn't remember what I had purchased and what do you know?  Sunflowers! 
While my blogging seems to be at a minimum things continue to keep moving here at Saylor Street.  I can't wait to turn my valentines day projects into little vignettes.  I also have to get a menu together for our Superbowl Party that I didn't know we were hosting until recently. 
In the meantime I feel the need to buy some pink tulips and put them in a pretty white vase.  The temps continue to drop outside and we have another 2-3 inches of snow on the ground so between my seeds and a bouquet of tulips I think I'll be able to get through it and continue to "think spring"!
Until next time,


  1. I admire your energy to get started on so many projects! I'm still exhausted from Christmas and it's been a month! I love your little Valentine's Day cute and as nice as anything you could buy!

    Good for you with the diet and having your co workers do it all together...that's great incentive. And hogwash with everybody telling us to call it a "lifestyle" or "nutrition plan"!! It is what it is. Brutal!! Actually I'm doing well. Day 5 and no cheating. I think I'm over the hump.

    Stay about all this snow!


    1. Hi Jane, Forget about the diet, this snow is getting brutal! We go from snow to frigid temps in a matter of hours. Great work on day 5 so far. I had my weigh in today and I lost 3.6. Now, if only this weather would break and warm up enough to go for a walk now and then. I long for a warm sunny morning walk before work.