Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What's happening at Saylor Street Cottage

I'm finally getting around to posting some pics on my blog to highlight what we've been up to (Miss Saylor and myself).  I just love to read other blogs and gather inspiration.  Unfortunately I gather more inspiration than action.  Miss Saylor is moving to her own apartment at the end of August for her last year of college.  We've been very busy lately working on some paint projects.

This is our most recent project that I'm very proud of.  We had some little arguments over how to place the lines but I think it turned out great.  I've seen a lot of Union Jack flag furniture over the internet and wanted to try one ourselves.  So, when Miss Saylor found this old beat up coffee table in the garbage and brought it home, we decided it would be a great candidate for our first Union Jack painting project.  I think it came out fantastic. 

Table before we painted it.  Everyone told us that it looked good as is from this picture.  But we think the previous owners had a dog because one of the table legs was chewed up.

All Finished and looking great!
We had an old dresser mirror we decided is going to make a sweet headboard.  We probably should have used a yard stick to keep the words straight but not bad for a free hand.
And to match her headboard she painted a side table and stenciled for the first time. 
And now we just need to move all this furniture into her new apartment.  Right now the Saylor Street Cottage looks like a furniture store. 
I have a couple of little tables I think I might have to paint up now.  We've got the bug!

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