Monday, November 11, 2013

Simple Change equals a simple impact

It's funny how a simple change doesn't have to make a big impact to be good.  Sure sometimes a little change can make a big impact but that seems to me to be rare.  Even a simple color change in a room can be a big time investment so a subtle change like a window blind in a bathroom can be just enough.

After I painted my bathroom window on this post  I ran out to get the bamboo window blind I wanted.  I picked up a cheap one to start with because I wasn't sure if I'd like it.  I ran to Menards because they had blinds for $15.  Turns out I'm very happy and I'll be upgrading to a more custom look after the holidays when I have extra cash to spend on the house. 

So far everyone at Saylor Street has given me the thumbs up which is a good thing because they're all quite critical about my decorating choices.  The most critical is my son of all people.  He likes home improvement and he has an eye for color and texture.  I am sure that when he gets his own home it's going to beautiful but I feel sorry for the woman he marries.  Some men don't worry about the décor of a home but my son will probably want to be a part of every choice.  It's nice though because as he has gotten older I do value his opinion except when I don't agree, then I pull the MOM card, lol.  You know "it's my house, I pay the mortgage, I can paint the room whatever color I want." 

Anyway he approved of the blind and I'm quite happy too.  However, I think I want a valance for the top.  Again, not going expensive just in case I don't like it.

Yesterday I read the story about what Martha Stewart said about bloggers.  She made a comment about how some bloggers don't test the recipes in test kitchens and may even be copying recipes that the magazine test kitchens published.  I find that a load of bunk and it got me thinking.  Those test kitchen recipes that are published in magazines are usually just reworked recipes from other people right? I mean really, where do recipes come from in the first place?  There are billions of cookbooks out there and they can't all be unique recipes.  How many ways can you alter a chocolate chip cookie recipe?  Or even a sugar cookie recipe?  Some people have been making the recipes for so many generations that the original could have come from a magazine or a book.  How do we know where they came from and if they are even any good until we make them ourselves?   It's like when I watch the cooking shows, how do we know they really taste good?  If we make them ourselves and they don't turn out is it because we're bad cooks or is it because they didn't taste good in the first place?  All I know is that Martha is wrong.  I'd much rather make a recipe I found on a blog than from a magazine.  Usually if I find it on a blog I never have a problem with how the recipe turns out.
On Saturday I had a special treat because my daughter came home for the weekend and we did our Saturday morning scavenger shopping trip.  We stopped at a little consignment shop in town and I picked up an adorable Christmas decoration.  It's a little wooden gift tag that the person decoupaged a print of a post card on to.  I can't wait to hang it for Christmas.  Then we went to the Goodwill but didn't find anything that caught our attention.   I'm just happy with my little wooden gift tag.
My son came home from a three day hunting trip.  I am happy to report that no deer were harmed in this trip even though he and his buddies were sure they'd be bringing one home.  I am okay with him hunting for food and not for sport.  We will be graced with some duck sausage in a couple of weeks.  Just in time for Thanksgiving. 
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