Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thanksgiving To Do list

I've got a few things I need/want to get done before the thanksgiving holidays, not big things but things that are easy to check off the list:

  1. I want to find a cute ceramic turkey. 
  2. I will paint the bathroom window
  3. Replace the window blinds
  4. Paint or replace the bathroom mirror
  5. Replace a piece of broken tile in the main bathroom
  6. Rework a thanksgiving wreath
  7. Bake and freeze a holiday cheesecake
  8. Scrub the carpet on the stairs
  9. Find a small round table
  10. Find a replacement coffee table
  11. Clean the basement
Lot's to do and I'll find more as I go. 

No pictures today but plenty after I complete my list.

Until next time,

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