Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Superbowl Sunday

Mr. Saylor got suckered persuaded to host the guys poker game/Superbowl weekend this year.  Yes, the Super Bowl lasted an entire weekend at our house this year.  The guys had some fun but the Super Bowl game was Super Boring!  I was hoping the Broncos would win but in the end it didn't matter.  It's just another football game unless it is DA BEARS.

We had some fun goodies to eat: jalapeno poppers, deviled eggs, beef sandwiches and chili.  My son went hunting and brought home some goose breasts so I put a couple in the crock pot and made Mike Ditka pot roast nachos!  It came out fantastic.  I had never heard of pot roast nachos until someone mentioned that Mike Ditka has a restaurant where they serve them.  I tried them out and they are delicious.  Since Wild Goose tastes almost identical to beef, a very tough meat since they don't have any fat on them, hrowing it in a crock pot or a stew pot is probably the best thing I can do. They were perfect substituted in for the beef in the recipe. 

Here is my son with his catch of the day. 
His girlfriend made some awesome cupcakes.  It's funny because she had no idea what the numbers or lines meant.  She saw the design on Pinterest and decided to make them but I had to tell her that the lines and number meant yards on the field.  She picked up some chocolate covered almonds and decorated them like footballs.  My brother thought for sure they were store bought.  So that became the joke in our house.  He kept telling her he was going to stop at the store and pick some up.
We had a little Super Bowl celebration at the office and someone made home made tortilla chips.  I decided to try it myself.  It is incredibly easy and there are a bunch of Youtube videos to choose from which are all basically the same.  Hot oil and tortillas cut into triangles.  They tasted just like the ones in the Mexican restaurants.  I never would have guessed how easy they are to make!

I found these cute little bowls at Aldi.  I picked up three sets because for Christmas I think I'll make a salsa gift basket for a couple of people on my Christmas list.  I think they would look really cute in a basket with some different flavored Salsas and flavored chips, a Margarita mix and tequila, and a cute tray or whatever I find (on sale) between now and Christmas time. 
So January is finished and we still have six more weeks of winter.  Old Phil saw his shadow, but I think one way or the other we'd still have six weeks.  Our area is getting hit almost every other day with snow and the non-snow days are below zero temps.  It's crazy weather and I just can't wait to feel a little warm sunshine!  My daughter took a little selfie and sent it to me on her way to school.  She didn't expect it to be so cold.  I just love this picture, she crocheted the burgundy scarf and I think it's came out great.  She's getting quite good at crocheting and has made some awesome scarves and even some gloves.  I wish I looked this good in the freezing cold! 
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