Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Where have I been?

And what have I been doing!?! 

The Saylor Street Blog has been greatly neglected lately.   This is because I've been focused on losing weight.  I joined weight watchers about 9 weeks ago and that's pretty much all I'm thinking about these days.  I've lost 16 lbs so far and hope to take off a whole bunch more by this time next year!

My weight loss focus doesn't mean that I've stopped having fun with new projects.  I've been working in the yard, still hitting second hand stores, making cute banners and even made some wonderful deserts for my nieces communion.  So many projects but no time to blog!

I've been doing a lot of walking lately to help my weight loss.  It seems to be much harder now that I'm over 50 than when I was younger.  I've decided to take pictures as I walk to help make it a little more interesting.  I'm also looking for some new walking trails and new or interesting places.  I'm also taking pictures along the way to add some interest and not make walking so boring.  

Mr. Saylor found an old race car track turned walking trail in Algonquin, IL that is only about a 45 min. drive for us.  He also bought an old used Jeep that he loves like a Porsche!  It's a fun summer car.  We take off the windows and top and cruise to our walking destinations!  I think it's going to be an active summer!

Some pictures of the trails we've found:
Some trails near my home that are scenic and easy.  The sweet little baby bunny almost got scooped up and brought home by me! 
Looking forward to my next walking adventure.