Monday, March 21, 2016

Topsy Turvey on Saylor Street

So much is happening at Saylor Street Cottage and I can't believe I added fuel to the fire. 

In September we put to rest our beloved pet Chance.  He was such a beautiful boy who meant so much to us.  He was one of the boys as he hung out in the basement with my son and his friends.  My son said he was like a brother.  My daughter loved to take him for walks and he cuddled up with her on the couch, slept in her bed and followed her wherever she was.  He was our baby and is missed everyday. 

Along the way the my son and daughter brought home a little kitten.  Chance was so gentle and tolerated the little guy as he jumped around the place.  We named him Dude and he has become our little furry teddy bear.  He ruled the roost around here because Chance in his older years didn't pay much attention to him.

We have been deep in renovations and upgrades since we're planning on selling Saylor Street.  So what does a glutton for punishment do?  She goes out and adopts a dog! 

We went to the shelter and met Sheba who now has a new name Zena.  She is a Labrador Greyhound mix.  She is 5 years old and the poor thing is heartworm positive.  She is considered a special needs dog and now our life has been turned upside down.

I am happy we have her but I'm heartbroken that my cat is so scared. She wants to investigate him and he wants nothing to do with her because Zena is a bit of an excitable dog.  We're supposed to keep her calm due to the heartworm but that's almost impossible when she see's the cat!

I'm praying that they will learn to like one another.  I know it takes time but it's just breaking my heart that my lazy old cuddly Dude is now residing under my bed. 

Meantime we just tore out the shower in our master bedroom bathroom.  I'm painting every room in the house along with trim and ceilings.

What am I doing?!

Pictures to follow. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

My Word for 2016 on my 101st post!

Happy New Year!

It's completely coincidental that my 101st post is on the first day of 2016. One of my goals of 2016 is to post a little more often this year because I've certainly been slacking on the blog front.  I love love love to read others' blogs but don't spend enough time updating my own. Heck, I still have last years Valentines Day pics on my blog heading.  Truth be told it's not the blogging part that holds me up, it's uploading pictures.  It's a slow process that I'm only now learning to master because I just don't spend enough time learning an easier way to do it. 

This leads me to my word for 2016.  Zoom Focus!  Not just focus but zoom focus. My goal is to attack whatever it is I'm doing with fervor.  I have the usual goals for 2016, save more money, lose weight, home improvement and even a possible move.

I'm always busy and I'm always doing something but I tend to do many things at once and ultimately something will be neglected. 

2016 is going to be the year I zoom in on those goals and not allow myself to be distracted.  No matter what it is, from cleaning the bathroom to painting a room to cooking a meal, the task will be given my 100% attention so it is completed and completed well. 

Welcome 2016!  I got this!