Monday, March 2, 2015

A Book Review - I'll Know It When I See It.

I love blogland for so many reasons. It's like one big magazine all rolled up in one touch of a button.  I used to love wandering around book stores and picking up magazines, interior design books, cookbooks, novels, romances and whatever else struck my attention.  It would be so exciting and yet so heartbreaking because I couldn't leave the place with $100's in books. I had to make choices and they were never easy.  The internet opened a whole new world of choices but sadly the bookstores suffered.   Now I get my book ideas from blog reviews and sign on to Amazon.  Sometimes it's just a click of a button and boom there it is on the kindle.  Other times it's fun to get the book in the mail.  I'll admit I'm cheap and never pay the full price.  I always buy the used books because honestly once I finish the book I'll most likely donate it to a local charity.

Recently I stumbled across a fashion blog that is unique because it focuses on older women.  It's called Advance Style by Ari Seth Cohen.  I don't know how I found it but I find it a fascinating blog because it showcases elderly women who love life and fashion and being uniquely themselves.  An inspiration to women of all ages because they show us you're never too old to make a statement.

In one of his posts he spotlighted an author named Alice Carey and her book titled I'll Know It When I See It, A Daughter's Search for Home In Ireland.I started out slow reading this book because I tend to read several books at once.  I'm a multitasker when it comes to reading.  As I got deeper into the story I couldn't concentrate on any other book. 

Alice Carey wrote about growing up in New York with her Irish mother who was a maid for Jean Dalrymple  an American theater producer, manager, publicist, author and playwright.  Carey intertwined the story with her experiences as a poor child in New York who was exposed to the theater and arts, her experiences in the New York gay community and the loss of friends due to the AIDS epidemic, while searching for and remodeling a country home in Ireland.  She flashbacks to her younger days in New York and travelling back to Ireland with her "mammie".   She touched on the taboo things like pedophile priests, the way the Catholic School nuns tried to enlist her into the sisterhood and how she didn't want it, Catholic guilt, family and leaving behind the things you love.

It was a touching story and near the end of the book I couldn't put it down. I loved this story and am so happy to have found this blog and this book. 

I highly recommend the book!
Until next time,