Thursday, April 20, 2017

Officially On The Market

Saylor Street Cottage hit the market on Friday April 14th and we received 3 offers the next day.  We accepted an offer and today was the home inspection.  I'm a little nervous about it because we have an older home with older appliances.  I didn't replace the appliances because in my opinion if I would have replaced the appliances then I might as well have remodeled the kitchen.  The kitchen is dated but we made it cute.  We also have a home warranty and have had one for many years.  Whenever an appliance needs repaired we pay only $75 per visit.  They once repaired our refrigerator for over $800 which I thought was a waste of money on their part but we only paid $75.  If they can't repair they will replace so I suppose it's more in their favor to try to repair.

We of course had to leave the house during the inspection and it felt a little weird letting people dig through our home.  It's still ours until we close and even thought we're under contract it's still a part of us for now.   I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything went well.  I'm sure they will want some concessions for the older furnace and air conditioner but they're covered by the warranty as well.  We will be transferring the warranty to buy them time should they decide to replace them. 

So the hard part is over as far as I'm concerned.  If all goes well we will need to find our new home.  Nothing good has come on the market where we want to move and I may have to be less picky.  I'm looking for something on the water.  I get scared of flooding so I need to find something that is high and dry! 

This moving stuff is a lot of stress, money and sleepless nights.