Thursday, December 11, 2014

Five On Friday

After a long stretch (months and months) of not posting on my blog I decided to start it again by joining a group of other bloggers to be a part of Five on Friday.  Set up by Amy at Love Made My Home, we will post five things on Friday we want to share.  I'm grouped with another set of bloggers who's links are at the bottom of my post.  I hope you will visit their blogs as well. 

I'm not a routine blogger as I'm sure you'll notice from the very large gaps in my posts.  I'd like to be a bit more regular but life gets in the way and before I know it weeks turn in to months and the year is gone.  So I am happy to be a part of the Five on Friday group.  It will give me a reason to become a more focused blogger.

My Five things don't really have any correlation or theme.  They are just five things that made me happy over the past couple of weeks. 

Number One - Dude the CAT

This one is a biggie so I'll start with it first.  Last week Thursday as I was walking out the door for work I noticed one of my cats was not around.  Sometimes he likes to sleep in our basement and doesn't always come upstairs in the morning to greet me but it's rare.  I asked Mr. Saylor if he'd seen him but he said he hadn't noticed.  Mr. Saylor was the last to pull in to the driveway the night before so when our daughter was getting ready to leave for the gym she was blocked in by his car which meant that early on Thursday morning they were running in and out of the house to move the cars.  Well, I think our little cat must have slipped out during the commotion.  It was either that or he had slipped out the night before when Mr. Saylor let the dog out.  Regardless of when the fact remained our little cat was nowhere to be found.  I panicked but reminded myself that he was a cat and would probably find his way home.  I posted a picture of him on the facebook page for lost cats in Illinois.  Mr. Saylor ran around and made a few flyers with his picture on it.  I left for work but came home at lunchtime to see if I could find him but still no luck.  I got home that evening from work about 6pm and when I got out of the car I started calling for him.  No luck but when I got in the house Mr. Saylor said the little guy had just shown up at the back door about five minutes before I got home!  I was so happy and relieved to have the little guy back.  I think he was pretty happy to be home too.  It's only about 20 degrees outside and if he was out all night he had to be pretty cold.  He smelled like he must have gotten locked in someone's garage, kind of oily and musty.  Our little cat snuggled with us all night.  I think he was very happy to be home and we were all very happy to have him home.

Here he is, the little bugger all snuggly and content after his adventure in the great outdoors of our back yard and beyond.  First he snuggled up with Mr. Saylor and then hopped over to my lap. 

Love my little guy.

Number Two - A gift to myself
I'm doing Weight Watchers with a group of women in my office.  Maybe it's the holidays but we're all getting a little less motivated in our weight loss goals.  I bought us all little boxes and we've written down a goal weight for our final weigh in before Christmas.  I'm calling it a gift to myself and we'll be opening them up at our next meeting.  I keep it on my desk to remind me of the gift of weight loss I'm giving to me!  This week's weigh in wasn't spectacular but I was down just a smidge.  Next week will have to be big in order to hit the goal inside my box.

Number Three - The tile wall

I was at the Home Depot last week and saw these glass tiles on sale for half price.  I picked up the last of the sheets they had in the store only to find out I needed three more sheets.  Luckily they called another store and they had about a box left.  We ran out as fast as we could and got them.  It's a small dividing wall between my kitchen and dining room.  I think it came out nicely.

Number Four - Goodbye Red Room

We moved into this house about ten years ago.  It was supposed to only be for a couple of years but when the housing market crashed I didn't want to sell and potentially lose money.  One of the first big projects we did was paint our dining room walls a faux finish in red glaze.  It was very dramatic and at first we didn't like it because it looked like blood clouds.  It grew on me and I've really liked it.  Recently I decided that I'd paint the dining room to correspond with the green toned kitchen.  It was a little sad because I remembered painting that room with my daughter.  She was so young but so helpful.  Repainting the wall was hard because that paint job was something we did together and it was almost like I was painting away the memories.  My daughter was fine with getting rid of the red.  With that encouragement I got down to business and now it's green! I like it but I also feel it's a little cold and a little boring.  I'm going to have to be creative with my décor in the room. 

Number Five - An Odd Place for a beer can collection. 

Last night we went out for dinner to a little British restaurant in the city.  The area is very old but trendy and it's always fun to take the trip now and again.  They serve Steak and Ale Royal Pies and Banngers and Mash and all kinds of hearty foods.  It's a very small place and is a BYOB place.  Right next door is a little trendy bar ( my daughter calls it a Hipster bar) named Maria's.  We stopped in there first and picked up some hearty beer then went next door and got our Royal Pies.  YUM.  Afterwards we went back to the little Hipster place and had a couple more beers.  In the bathroom they have a glass case on the wall filled with old beer cans.  I thought it odd that they'd put them in the bathrooms where no one can really see them and had to make it a part of my Five on Friday.

Beer Can collection on the bathroom wall.

Steak and Ale Royal Pie

And that's it!  My Five on Friday. 

I am joining in Five on Friday, taking five minutes from our day to enjoy five things.  Please go and visit the other people who are also blogging about Five on Friday this week.  Thank you again to Amy for arranging this fun blogging activity!

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