Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nothing much accomplished but still a fun day.

I got nothing done on my list today.  Nothing that I had planned but still something I needed to do but forgot to add to the list. 

A few weeks ago my son, who we refer to as Sgt. or Captain Buzzkill for many reasons you will probably come to find as this blog evolves, decided to change his brakes on his car.  The old brakes lay on my driveway since then.  Mr. Saylor wanted to throw them in the garbage.  Who throws huge hunks of steel in the garbage?  Does he have no regard for the environment?  Needless to say his suggestion created a lot of grief for him that day.   Since I'm in the steel business I found a steel recycling plant about 30 minutes away that is open on Saturdays where you can just drive up and drop off your steel scrap.  They pay you a few cents a pound.  Well, that's what I ended up doing today.  Mr. Saylor came home from work and we took a quick ride out there and dropped off the brakes.  We probably used more in gas to get there than the $2.71 we received for the old brakes but that's ok because I think it was better to do that then throw them in the trash.  What we did decide though is that we will start saving a bunch of our scrap metal and take it there.  I did tell Mr. Saylor that we at least need to save enough of it to justify spending the money just to drive out there.  Are we really saving the environment if we end up adding to the emissions by driving only to recycle a few pounds of steel?  Who knows but it makes me feel a lot better dropping it off there than throwing it in the garbage. 

Today was also the day we had tickets to a White Sox game. I thought the game was at night and started at 7ish.  Turns out it started at 3:15 which means I would not be able to accomplish anything else being that this game was in the middle of the day.  What's great about a White Sox game is the tailgating parties.  Since there isn't much to do around the ballpark and the neighborhood isn't exactly the safest, a lot of fans get there early and have huge tailgate parties.  BBQ grills, picnic tables, bags games can make the day much more fun, especially when the team isn't doing so well.  These tailgaters don't skimp either, they do it up, I've even seen a couple people hook up a blender to their car and mix up margaritas.  Mr. Saylor loves to tailgate and so hours before the game we ended up running to the grocery store and picked up some pre-formed burger patties, some chips and some salads.  He filled the cooler with ice, margarita mix and tequila and even cut up some limes.  Away we went to the game parked and began our little tailgate party.  I was quite impressed with Mr. Saylor's set up.  Then I saw this really cool Coleman camping propane grill that I have to have!  Now I'm going to turn into a tailgate maniac!  We had our little Weber charcoal grill and we paled in comparison to the guys around us with these fancy Coleman grills.  Our next game is the end of July (we split some season tickets with my brother) and believe me I want one of those grills! 

The weather was perfect!  It was cloudy and a cool wind was blowing so we brought some sweatshirts just in case.  Hard to believe that those poor people on the west coast are suffering in 100+ temps and we're bringing out sweatshirts.  When the clouds broke up the sun actually heated things up sitting in the parking lot.  Our seats are in the shade so it was a little cool once we got in the game.  It stayed around 65 degrees for most of the game.  Sox lost but the day was nice. 

Unfortunately I was not able to cross anything off of my to do list for today which means I'll have to double up tomorrow.  That's ok because my daughter will be home from her trip and if I get nothing else done I want to be sure I get her bedroom ready.

Have a great evening.

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