Sunday, June 23, 2013

Was my house haunted?

This is a picture of my house in Chicago where I grew up. When my parents were looking for homes and we first pulled up to this house back in the 70's my mother saw a little boy in the doorway. She asked the owners where he was and they told her they didn't have children. 
For years afterwards while living in the house we'd all hear strange noises and we kind of thought it might be haunted but never really cared, nothing bad ever happened. One evening, in the wee hours of the morning after a long night of dancing the night away my friend dropped me off at my house and said "Debbie, your little brother is still up?" I didn't think anything of it because my mother used to love to stay up late on the weekend nights with the kids and watch scary movies. So, when I went in the house expecting to see everyone up and ahem, trying to look sober, lol, I came in to find no one awake and all sound asleep. I later asked my friend about it and she said it looked just like my brother Duane.

So, take a look at this picture that my brother Duane recently took? Do you see the faces in the window? Pretty spooky right?

I might add, we did not have a cross on the front of our house.  This was added by the new owners.  I wonder if this has any significance to what may continue to go on in the house???

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