Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rome wasn't built in a day

I started out with a lazy Sunday today.  I went to church and then out to breakfast with Mr. Saylor and the MIL.  We went to a new restaurant that just opened and it was a nice surprise.  They remodeled an old place that was run down and not very appetizing into a sweet little 50's retro place with very good food, even homemade jelly for my English muffin, YUM!

Once I got home I finished up Miss Saylor's bedroom, vacuumed and put nice clean sheets on her bed and washed her duvet cover. I picked up a little bouquet of flowers and put those on her night stand and was quite pleased with the look.  Later I realized that the dog was nowhere to be found and then it hit me...the old guy was up on her nice freshly made bed!  Once he came downstairs from his nap I barricaded her door since the old guy can bust open the door even if it's closed because the latch is broken.  Another project for another day I guess.

Next plan was to get outside and work on the corner of the yard but then it hit me!!! I forgot to pick up some computer program Miss Saylor had ordered at the Apple store.  I had Mr. Saylor drive me to the mall and drop me off at the entrance so that I could run in and pick it up.  I only had a few hours before she was due home and wanted to be sure I picked it up.  Can you imagine being gone for 10 days and coming home only to find that I had forgotten to pick it up?!  Well, I couldn't have planned it better and the guys in the Apple store were fantastic.  I am amazed at the level of customer service Apple provides and how far we've come in technology.  I showed them the text I had received from Apple to let me know the program was ready for pick up.  They scanned the text and within minutes someone brought the bag up to us and off I went.

After I got home I checked mail and found someone on Freecycle giving away a console table with two stools and a wall lamp.  Since Miss Saylor is moving in to a new apartment soon I decided to check it out.  I emailed them back and they were right in my town.  So I drove over to their house and picked it up.  Turns out they are tearing down their old house and building new.  It wouldn't be a lie if I told you I had a little bit of jealousy.  What a dream to be able to plan a home from the ground up. 
While we were loading up the furniture I got a call from Miss Saylor to inform me that her flight from New York to Chicago was cancelled.  Her group ended up having to stay the night at a hotel and will be flying out tomorrow.  She has always wanted to see NY but I don't think this was the way she wanted it to work.  Poor thing, she has been on a 7 or 8 our flight from Prague only to find out the last leg of her journey is postponed.  Travelling is never easy. 

Earlier in the day I started some shepherd's pie meat in the crock pot so I new I wouldn't have to worry too much about dinner.  Sgt. Buzzkill was in Michigan this weekend at my friends summer house so I wasn't sure what time he'd be home for dinner if at all.  This would make a good dinner or late night snack because I was pretty sure that he'd be bringing home a few friends. 

While that was cooking I was able to get out in the yard and start cleaning up the corner I had planned to work on.  Mr. Saylor was mowing the lawn while I was weeding.  On the way to the corner I made a side step to a little garden I started.  As I was picking weeds on one side I heard Mr. Saylor pulling something up and I stopped looked and blew a gasket because he was pulling out my newly planted Sweet Peas!  I will admit I used a few choice words that I hope the neighbor children didn't hear!  I started those darn plants from seed and was hoping to see them grow up the fence. Even though he replanted them I'm pretty sure they're not going to make it.  Why he decided to stop mowing and come start weeding is beyond me but at that moment I would have loved to whack him with a garden shovel. 

In the end I got most of the corner finished.  That corner of our yard is disgusting with weeds all over the place.  Most of them came up pretty easily but the grass needs some work.  I think I'll have to call out either Scotts or Tru-Green to have them apply weed killer.  I also trimmed this incredibly wild rose bush back there.  I've chopped that thing down a few times but it continues to return.  It's an unruly wild bush that blooms once and then just gets all woodsy looking.  This year I've decided to give her some attention and keep her trimmed and pretty. 

So, Sunday turned out to be a pretty easy day with a couple of accomplishments.  I may have lost a couple of sweet pea plants but I made some headway with the nasty corner of our yard. 


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