Saturday, June 29, 2013

So much to do at Saylor Street Cottage

I've got a hefty list of projects this weekend along with the regular house cleaning.  I wish I could justify the cost of a cleaning lady but it's just not in my budget.   I'm trying to pay off some debt so even though I could probably squeeze it into the budget it just doesn't make sense to pay to have someone clean the house when that money could go to a credit card or two or three.

Miss Saylor Street is coming home from a ten day school trip in Germany tomorrow and I want her bedroom to be clean and cozy.  Her bedroom was a disaster so much so that I didn't even want to post a before picture.  She will be moving to an apartment in the city soon and had already started boxing some of her things.  I decided to help her a little with that, except I didn't want her to think I'm in a hurry for her to leave.  She's my little buddy so I will miss her coming home at night and having her here on Saturday and Sunday mornings for our spontaneous little treasure hunts.  The good news is that she'll be in an area of Chicago that hosts quite a few antique shops and second hand shops so I'll have to travel down there more often. 

So, this weekend projects are:

  • remove the old liner from painted trunk that Miss Saylor found in the garbage.  We painted it and now need to replace the liner.  We have some old toile fabric that I'm going to use.
  • dig up and till the corner of the yard that doesn't get much sun and plant some of the little ferns I found on sale at Home Depot.
  • finish cleaning up Miss Saylor's bedroom and have it cozy for her homecoming.
  • put up a privacy fence along the garbage cans
  • secure the chippy fence behind my English garden in the corner. 
  • Plant my new herbs
Now that I've listed what needs to be done it doesn't look like much of a list.  However this has to be done in conjunction with cleaning the rest of the house.  This little Cape Cod is not very big so it shouldn't take long.  Oh, but I almost forgot that I have a White Sox game to go to tonight.  Mr. Saylor will want to go early and tailgate. So my Saturday hours are limited. 

Pictures to come on the finished trunk and yard.  I want to take pictures of the yard so that I can watch it's growth next year.  I hope the little ferns come back.  I never seem to have luck with ferns in any of my previous gardens. 

I'm heading off to get some coffee and start my projects.  It's going to be a busy day.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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