Saturday, June 8, 2013

Re-igniting A Passion For My Home

I don’t know at what point I became so interested in home décor.   I was crazy about it back when the kids were small.  I lost interest as they were growing up for so many reasons.  I suppose I can attribute my new found interest to Pinterest.  Today there are so many blogs about home décor and gardening that I can spend hours looking at pictures and watching tutorials.  The down side of that is that I do spend HOURS reading blogs. 

Right now I have a Google Hangout going on about chalk paint and the Pioneer Woman is on TV cooking.  And I’m getting absolutely nothing done in my own home. 

However, little by little all of the blogs and TV shows and Facebook pages are slowly igniting the passion for decorating I once had.  I’m slowly changing my surroundings.  It’s ok if it takes a while.  Both of my children are in their early 20’s now and are no longer under foot.  

I’m going to re-enter the world of chalk paint, distressed furniture, sewing, cooking and gardening. 

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