Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Won't matter how many blogs and pins I see.....

Make a photo gallery wall.  They're so popular and look great in pictures, but I've seen them in person and in my opinion they look cluttered.  I just think it's over kill. 

Make ice cream from snow.  I know it's popular during winter and I see it all over Pinterest and Blogland but I own a dog and he has free reign in the yard, and because of acid rain, and because it's just not going to go over big in my house because nothing can replace good old fashioned ice cream.  Even when my children were small they never would have eaten ice cream made from snow.

Paint the fabric on furniture.  Another popular Pinterest and blogland creation.  This always stops me in my tracks.  Paint goes on walls and wood and steel so how can it honestly work on fabric? It's paint.  It dries stiff.  Especially paint mixed with Plaster of Paris.  I was recently in a little gallery that sells ASCP.  There was an antique couch in there that they painted and I'm sorry, it was just ugly. It looked like a couch meant to go in a garage for teens to hang out in.  I stopped, I touched and had no desire to sit on that couch.  I thought it was just my old fashioned out of date opinion but even my 22yo daughter turned her nose up at it.  I just don't understand the obsession with people who want to paint fabric furniture.  It's one of those crazy craft projects that look good and when friends come over they tell you how cool it is but when they leave they talk about how ugly it is and how crazy you are for painting furniture.  I won't ever try it.

Just my opinion on some of these trends.  Some people love it but I'll pass. 

But I will.....

Make these incredible peanut butter cookies that turned out fantastic and the recipe can be found here.

And I will make corned beef and cabbage at least once a week through the month of March.  Especially because it goes on sale!  I make my corned beef so many different ways, but for this one I coated the corned beef in brown sugar put in a roasting pan and poured a bottle and a half of Guinness beer over the roast, covered and cooked at 325 for about 3 hours or until fork tender.  I boiled some carrots, some cabbage and some potatoes and created a traditional St. Patty's day dinner.

And I will dress up my little kitty with a beaded candle wrap I found while cleaning my closest.  Doesn't he look happy?! 

And lastly, I will brace myself for the rainstorm heading it's way to Chicagoland.  We have mounds of snow everywhere, we're supposed to get temps close to 50 degrees and buckets of rain.  Combine the melting snow with the falling rain and I'll probably need a boat to get to work in the morning.

Where is all this snow going to go?

Until next time,


  1. I love your "I won't ever ..." list.

    My daughter has a gallery wall and I love it, but I live in an art gallery and the paintings are constantly rotated with sales, shows and new work. If we had a gallery wall it would look crazy.

    1. I've seen the beautiful paintings on your blog. The ones I have seen are so lovely that I think they deserve their own space.