Thursday, July 4, 2013

Christmas In July

Happy 4th of July!  It's 9 am and the house is peaceful.  Little Miss Saylor is still sleeping after a night out and Sgt. Buzzkill and Mr. Saylor are doing a quick task at work.  It's sunny and a nice breeze blowing through the windows.  This is the beginning of a nice long four day weekend and after reading a few of my favorite blogs and getting completely lost in blogland I had an epiphany!

I've got quite a few things tucked in the closets that I bought last year at Christmastime with the intent of making some decorating items for the season.  However, in this house the season just gets too busy to create projects in time for the holidays and my plans fall to the wayside and the items just end up collecting dust.  But my epiphany is (drumroll).......I'm going to start some of those projects NOW.  And so begins Christmas in July at the Saylor Street Cottage.

Pictures will be posted this time.

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