Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days of Fall Inspired Projects

I'm going to try a new thing to add some excitement and increase my dedication to my blog.  This blog is a slow moving, sometimes often neglected little blog.  It's not that I have nothing going on it's just that I run out of time and the next thing I know time has passed and nothing gets written and all of my fun things to post are old news.

So, in order to keep myself focused and get serious about blogging, I'm going to participate in the 31 Day challenge over at the Nester.  I'm going to do 31 days of fall inspired projects which will include crafts, writing and food.  All inspired by the beautiful fall colors and the lovely cool weather. 

I'm already working on tomorrows project.  A family recipe of Potato Soup.  I started the beef broth today and it's sitting in the refrigerator waiting for the vegetables to be added tomorrow evening. 

I'm excited to start this challenge.  My daughter just moved to an apartment in the city, she is my little buddy and I need something to fill my time.  This will be perfect!  I'm also looking forward to meeting other bloggers and welcome any help and suggestions on building a better looking blog.

Day One - Hearty Fall Soup
Day Two - A simple fall wreath
Day Three - Pumpkin Donut Holes
Day Four - Simple Fall Wood Project
Day Five - Fall Inspired Exercise and a final farewell to summer
Day Six - Shepherd's Pie
Day Seven - A Halloween project
Day Eight - Fall Inspired Banana Bread and Seeds for 2014 Fall Garden
Day Nine - Favorite Fall Movies
Day Ten - Simply Baked Acorn Squash
Day Eleven - Catch Up Post and Fall Inspired Goodies
Day Twelve - Fall Inspired Pumpkin Plate
Day Thirteen - Pumpkin Filled Cinnamon Rolls and Lots of Apples
Day Fourteen - Halloween Blocks
Day Fifteen - Fall Inspired Dinner and a Halloween Lantern
Day Sixteen - Spiced Apple Cider
Day Seventeen - Bread Tube Fail
Day Eighteen - Operation Christmas Child
Day Nineteen - Rugby Season
Day Twenty - Fall Inspired Sunday Beef Stew
Day Twenty One - French Wood Platter
Day Twenty Two - Preparing my craft closet
Day Twenty Three - A Halloween Wreath in the making
Day Twenty Four - A Round Steak Dinner and Pumpkin Bread
Day Twenty Five - Updated Halloween Wreath
Day Twenty Six - Countdown to Halloween
Day Twenty Seven - Deer Meat Pot Pie and Apple Pie
Day Twenty Eight - Give Thanks
Day Twenty Nine - Pumpkin Cookies
Day Thirty - Gruesome Cupcakes
Day Thirty One - Final Post for the 31 Day Blogger Challenge


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  1. Looking forward to hearing from you. I am doing the 31 days as well to get back into regular posting, and challenge myself for 31 days.