Saturday, October 26, 2013

Countdown to Halloween

Today was a very busy day but I'm thankful that I got so much done.  We went to watch my daughter play a Rugby game in the city along the lakefront and it was COLD.  The city is so pretty but they can keep the traffic.  Once we finally got home we made stopped at the store to pick up a chuck roast and then we ground the meat and made some yummy blue cheese burgers. 

I finished up a project last night but had to wait for the polyurethane to dry.  It's another scrap wood project I wanted to make with some leftover scrap book paper.  It's cute but I need to add something to hang it with. 
I'm also working on some decoupage pumpkins.  You can see a bit of one in the pic.
I think it's time to stop taking pictures with my phone.  The quality is just not there.
I hate to see the weekend go so quickly. 
Until tomorrow,

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