Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 18 Operation Christmas Child

Each year around this time we put together little shoe boxes filled with toys and goodies to donate to an organization called Operation Christmas Child.  I usually pack one or two boxes myself and take them to the drop off place.  For the past couple of years now I have thought it would be fun to do this with a bunch of friends.   I wanted to do something that can become a tradition and hopefully grow it larger and larger each year.  This was my inaugural year and it was not a huge crowd but an intimate bunch of close family and friends.  We had a boat load of things to put in our boxes.  So much so that I have to go to the dollar store and pick up a few more boxes to pack.

The table was covered in goodies.  It felt like Santa's workshop.
We packed boxes for both girls and boys. This was for a little girl.
And then we wrapped the tops and the boxes are ready for delivery to send on to a needy child somewhere across the world.
It's always fun to do something nice for someone and to do it with family and friends makes it extra special.
I made a few things for snacks.  Some spinach and cheese dip on home baked from a box ciabitta bread. A simple taco dip, an easy pasta salad, some hot wings and lots of chips.  Even though this event is geared toward Christmas I always know that the boxes have to be packed before Thanksgiving week.  . 
Since we're close to Halloween I also dropped in a little Halloween food fun with my mini pulled pork sandwiches with little eyeballs.  They look like a bunch of little gremlins.
I also served my little chocolate loaf with some chocolate icing on top.  I didn't mention to anyone about my bread tube fail, heehee.
Until Tomorrow.

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