Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 13 - Pumking filled cinnamon buns and lots of Apples

Today I got to fill my new platter with some pumpkin cinnamon rolls from a recipe I found here.  They were very good and very easy to make.  I will be baking them again soon.  Funny how a pumpkin platter is inspiring me to bake pumpkin flavored goodies!
Later on my son and his girlfriend came home from a morning of apple picking.  They also brought home some apple crumb pie mix and I popped that in the oven. 
I also got much needed yard work done today.  A close friend of mine has a landscaping business and they called a couple of weeks ago and said they had some extra mulch and asked if we wanted it.  Of course we said yes and they stopped over and dumped it on our driveway.  Well, let me tell you I owe her big now because they gave us a boatload of mulch.  We just finally used it up today on my back garden beds.  While working in the garden I cut down some of my cosmos.  I brought in a bunch for a cute bouquet. 
As I was arranging the bouquet the ice cream man went past our house.  The sound of his music and the sweet summer flowers were as if to say "summer please stay". 
But it is October and it is the fall season and as I took a walk (to walk off some of the calories from my cinnamon buns and apple crumble!) I passed a neighbors house who I would guess are Halloween fans because they decked out their yard in Halloween fun. 
And I realized that thanks to the 31 day blogger challenge I have joined, I am more aware of the beauty that surrounds me and am excited to be celebrating the little things in life. 
Until tomorrow,

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