Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 9 - Favorite Fall Movies

I didn't get to take fall pictures of the city tonight because I went down there after dark.  It started out as crazy because the expressway I usually take was backed up so badly people were turning around on the on-ramp and actually driving back down the wrong way.  I didn't see any police around there but that was an accident waiting to happen so I stayed far from it and took a different route.  It took me over an hour to get down to my daughters apartment and then we had to drive around for a few more blocks looking for a parking space.   But no matter how much of a hassle it was, getting the opportunity to spend some time with my little girl in her own apartment is worth every minute.

I was thinking about some fall favorites today and remembered that it's almost time for two of my absolute favorite movies to be popped in the DVD player. 

Favorite movie # 1 - Hocus Pocus
Favorite move #2 - Practical Magic

I can't get enough of these two movies.  I would love to have a kitchen like the one in practical magic and I'd love to live in their house, I love the quaint little town and the lovely garden they have planted.

So, I think this weekend while working on my fall/Halloween projects I'll pop these babies in and watch while I'm creating.

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