Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 17 - Bread Tube Fail

Years ago I bought some bread tubes from a Pampered Chef party either I had or a friend had.  Back then home parties were an opportunity to get friends together have some wine, laugh a lot and spend money on things we probably didn't need.  Like these bread tubes!  I have never used them and they have to be at least 15 years old.  Many times I have picked them up off of the shelf and thought about just giving them to Goodwill but I just couldn't part with them knowing I had never even taken them out of the box.

The other day when I was pulling out my Apple Peeler Corer Slicer, another had to have, old purchase from Pampered Chef, I brought down one of the tubes.  Today I decided to give it a try.  I chose the flower  tube and chose a really rich sounding chocolate bread recipe I found here. 

Well, I prepared the batter according to the directions.  Filled the tube 2/3 as called out in the instruction booklet.  I had some leftover so I put that in a loaf pan. 

As it was baking in the oven I gave it a peek.  YIKES.  The batter was oozing out of the bottom.  That's ok I thought, maybe I just over filled it. 

The buzzer went off and out came the cake.
I cut some pieces off for a taste test. The cake is delicious.  I would definitely try this recipe again.
I anxiously opened the top and yeah, I was right, it was just over filled so some came out the bottom.  The tube was filled to the top. I was filled with excitement to see how it looked once it came out of the tube.
So, I gently pushed on the top and the bottom started coming out.  Good, Good!  It worked. 
Then plop, only a little bit came out.  I looked in the tube and it was HOLLOW!  The only thing in there was a piece on top and a piece on the bottom.
Lucky for me, I still saved the leftover part that I put in the loaf pan.  It wasn't a total fail but the bread tube, yep, TOTAL FAIL!
Not to be defeated, tomorrow I am going to buy a box mix for regular bread and try it again.  If it doesn't work these little tubes are off to Goodwill.
And maybe I'll end my day like my cat Dude. 
The Fall weather is upon us here in Chicagoland.  No more sun bathing on the windowsill for a while.
Until Tomorrow,

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