Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 5 - Fall Inspired Exercise and a final farewell to summer

As I mentioned in Day 4 I was leaving for a trip to Michigan to hang out with my friends at their summer house.  I thought I might be able to get a post in via cell phone but that was not going to happen.

The weather was iffy while we were there so we didn't end up getting to do a pontoon ride however we did get to go on a nice three mile walk where I hunted for acorns.  I found a few but not enough to make it worth bringing them home.  I want to pick up some acorns to decorate a couple of hurricane vases so I guess I'll just go for a walk around the parks near home. 

Later we went for a ride on the golf cart and I was able to get some pictures of the fall colors but since I forgot to bring along my good camera I had to use my cell phone.  They're a bit blurry (even though I tried to fix them) since we were going at a pretty good speed!  My friend used to race cars and likes anything that goes fast. Needless to say his golf cart is torqued to go a little faster than a regular golf cart. 

The colors were far prettier than I captured on my phone and they haven't even reached their peak yet.  Sunday ended up being a rainy day so we decided to drive in to the nearest town to watch the football game.  It's hard to find a bar that airs the Chicago Bears game in Michigan but there is one in particular that is owned by a Bears fan so he usually has the game on. 
Despite having a couple of rainy days and the fact that the Bears lost, our weekend turned out well.  I was grateful to spend time with close friends, enjoy some good food and drinks and fill our days and nights with loads of laughter. 
It was bittersweet to close out another year at the lake house and bid farewell to summer.  The jackets and hoodies and warm socks have come out to replace our bathing suits and bare feet.  We'll spend our fall and winter enjoying the holidays but we'll be anxiously anticipating warm days floating in the lake, basking in the sun and ice cold drinks on the deck. 
In the meantime my Fall inspiration from this weekend was the three mile walk!  I sincerely need to lose a good bit of weight and the walk we took made me realize that I can get back to walking at least three miles 4 or 5 times a week.  So, while the weather is turning and we're not yet blanketed in snow I plan to take a walk each night and collect some fall foliage along the way.  I can kill two birds with one stone.  I'll have some fun things to decorate for fall and I'll be losing some weight for next summers bathing suit! 
And so I say, Adieu, cheerio, ciao, adios and farewell to you Summer.  May the Lord bless us all through our next few seasons until we meet again.
Warm Days and pontoon boats ready for a summer time cruise.


Rainy fall days but beautiful colors around the lake.

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