Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day Seven - Fall Inspiration leads to Halloween Inspiration

I'm glad Halloween is during the Fall season because then I get to combine fall décor with the Halloween décor.  Once Halloween is finished we can take down the decorations and continue to decorate for Thanksgiving.  The fall season is a great time to decorate because you can decorate for Fall, Halloween and then Thanksgiving all in one. 

I just completed my first Halloween project for my 31 day Fall inspiration challenge.  I bought the letters a while ago and couldn't decide what to do.  I was going to paint them and put them on a wood sign but I had an idea and thought why not, lets give it a try.

I went to Micheals and found some little beads on the clearance rack.  They were $1.97.  Then I picked up some eye hooks for .99 and the three letters were about 1.20 a piece.  I picked up some paint today at HL and painted them up.  Then I connected them all together and I just love it!

Please ignore my spotty brown bananas in the background.  They will become banana bread tomorrow.  I'm not sure if this will be it's permanent home but for now I will leave it.  What's good is I can change out the little gems in between the letters if I wanted to. 

I've got a some other projects under way for my next couple of posts.  A monogramed Halloween wreath and an old lantern I found at the Goodwill that is going to be painted black and decorated up in a spooky way. 

But before I get too immersed in my fall projects I have to get my yard ready.  I had to say so long to the geraniums in the front yard.  They gave it their last burst of color and within a couple of days were done. 
I've replaced them with some mums but they aren't picture ready.  They are taking a little time to bloom.  I've removed my little pink chair and will replace with some pumpkins.  My neighbor feeds the birds and squirrels.  They like to bury their peanuts in my planters and I'm sure they'll be taking a a bite out of my pumpkins.  I hate that they feed the animals because while they may think it's a good thing it lures other creatures into our yards.  Like this poor little guy.

We found him shaking and scared in the back yard.  A baby opossum that was no bigger than the length of my hand.  My son's girlfriend and I wrapped him up and took him in to the nature center where they said he would stay in an incubator.  They told us they have a bunch of little guys just like him so he would have little friends.  They said he probably fell off of the mothers back when she came in to the neighbors yard to eat.  I was almost tempted to keep him but when we did an internet search it said that raising a baby opossum can be difficult and when I searched further the grown up Opossums are not very cute. 

For day eight of my Fall Inspiration challenge I will be making the above mentioned banana bread or banana muffins and was thinking of throwing in some mashed pumpkin to bring in the fall flavors.  Day nine I will be travelling into Chicago to drop off some things to my daughter so my fall inspiration post will be some fall pictures from the city. 
Until tomorrow,


  1. Yes, those poor little guys grow up to be fairly vicious. We have them in our back yard all the time. Actually, they come up on the other side of the fence in a field, but the sure snarl at our dogs. Liking your fall inspirations since this is my favorite time of the year.

    1. I'm glad we took him to the nature center because they told us he is still in an incubator and still too small. Poor little guy would have died had I kept him and I would have felt horrible.
      I love the fall too, the only thing I don't like is that it leads in to winter and I could really do without the snow! Love the holidays, hate the snow.


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