Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 19 - Rugby Season

We have always been a football family here at the Saylor Street Cottage.  Each fall we get excited for the first Chicago Bears game.  We have been involved in football most of my son's life as he has played all through his early school years and into high school.  He wants to be able to play for college as well but that is on hold for now. 
Last year my daughter decided she would try playing rugby for her college.  She had never played before so I was a little worried for her.  It's a very physical sport and can be a bit dangerous.  After three years of braces one of my concerns was her teeth!  She has a very good mouth guard. 

Now, when fall begins we anticipate both American Football and Rugby season!  Today was one of her games and so I headed down into the city to watch.   First we stopped and picked up a few things she needed for the after party and then we went down to the lakefront where her game was planned.  We got there early because he coach plays on a team and that team was playing first. 

It was a cold day down at the lake.  When the sun came out it warmed us up but not by much.  Thank goodness for the warm blankets we brought along. 

An action shot!  I love the skyline. 
Those girls play hard!
The leaves are turning but there is still a lot of green out there. 
Chicago is a lovely city.  I grew up on the south side and love the city.  It's such a change to go from the suburbs and into the area around Wrigley Field.  It's so compact and crowded.  I love the hustle and bustle but I really hate driving down there. No where to park, people EVERYWHERE and bikes all over the place usually being ridden by people who somehow have lost the sense that a car is approximately 2000 lbs and is going to hurt if you ride in it's path!  Thankfully I didn't hit any of them.  When I finally got home I felt a real sense of calm while driving down our quiet streets. 
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